Since 2016 an increaing number of UK citizens have taken on Luxembourg nationality.
From 2004 to 2009 the annual average was only approx. 6 naturalisations.  From 2009 to 2016 the average rose to 57 and in 2016 it was already 128, rising to 435 in 2018 (Source: Ministry of Justice, Statec).

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Foreign nationals can apply for citizenship in Luxembourg after five years of residence. Luxembourg permits dual nationality but if you are thinking of applying and you hold other passports in addition to a British one, check with your consulate to ensure you won’t lose another citizenship if applying for Luxembourgish nationality.

With an increasing number of foreign residents, Luxembourg made significant changes to its citizenship laws and these came into effect in April 2017. There are a number of routes open to UK nationals who wish to apply for citizenship. These include the simplified 20 year option for anyone who has lived in Luxembourg for 20 years or more, or the slightly more complicated 5 year rule. Full details are available via the links below but the key requirement is a basic understanding of Luxembourgish and Luxembourgish life.

You can teach yourself via the online courses run by the INS or engage a private teacher. If you wish to apply under the 20 year rule, you must have followed an accredited language courses for 24 hours. All the accredited courses in Luxembourg can be found below. Please note that there is increasing demand for Luxembourgish classes so apply as soon as you can and be prepared for a wait.

Acquiring nationality. These links will take you through the various options available and the paperwork needed.

Application via the options rule (20 years residence, marriage, children born in Luxembourg etc.)

Application via the five year rule:

For list of accredited translators of documents go to the useful Information section.

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