As British and EU citizens who have exercised our EU treaty rights to live and work across the EU, BRILL members enjoy an astonishing range of rights. Now that the Withdrawal Agreement has not been approved by the UK parliament, on 30 March 2019, those British citizens who do not have another EU citizenship will lose these rights - unless they are protected by Luxembourg legislation.  Whilst Luxembourg has traditionally been generous to third country nationals who come to live here, the rights granted to them are not as generous as those we currently enjoy.

BRILL has co-authored a "proposition" by the National Council for Foreigners (CNE) to the Luxembourg government which was delivered to the members of the Luxembourg parliament on 2nd January 2019.  This proposition not only set out a number of questions hoping that the WIthdrawal Agreement would be approved by the UK parliament but also makes it clear the issues concerning UK citizens in the event of a "no deal" Brexit.  The full text of this "proposition" can be downloaded here:


Just being granted the right to residence is not enough: we need to able to continue to work, have our qualifications (past and future) recognized and to move around the territory of the EU27 freely for work as well as for leisure.

Our pension and social security contributions must continue to be aggregated after Brexit and our rights to access healthcare on the same basis as Luxembourg nationals must be preserved.

3rd July 2019 -  (ltr-sitting) Fiona Godfrey, Co-Chair, British in Europe, Luxembourg (Benelux), Kalba Meadows, Steering Committee, British in Europe, France, Jane Golding, Co-Chair, British in Europe, Germany, Jeremy Morgan, Vice-chair, British in Europe, Italy, and John Richards, Steering Committee, EuroCitizens, Spain.
Giving Oral evidence: Progress of the UK's negotiations on EU to the House of Commons' Exiting the European Union Committee.

21th January 2019 -  Fiona Godfrey (British in Europe) and Monique Hawkins (the3million) giving evidence to the European Parliament Petitions (PETI) committee in Bruxelles.

6th June 2018 -  Kalba Meadows, Founder, Remain in France Together (RIFT), France; Fiona Godfrey, Chair, British Immigrants living in Luxembourg (BRILL), and Deputy Chair of British in Europe; Jane Golding, Co-Chair, British in Germany, and Chair of British in Europe; Michael Harris, Chair, EuroCitizens, Spain giviing evidence to the Exiting the European Union Committee in Whitehall.

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