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Welcome to BRILL (British Immigrants Living in Luxembourg)

BRILL was created in July 2016 in response to the EU referendum vote in the UK. We are working to protect the rights of British citizens living, working, and studying in Luxembourg, as the UK leaves the EU.

There are approximately 6,000 British citizens living in Luxembourg, contributing to all aspects of Luxembourgish life. BRILL has over 1,100 members (on a Facebook group and email list). Almost 80% of us are economically active, employed or self-employed. Our membership consists of UK EU officials, students, employees in the financial and legal sectors, NGOs, the creative industries, and a wide range of other occupations, as well as self-employed and retired people who call Luxembourg home. Nearly 50% of us are married to partners from other EU countries or beyond, and many of us have multinational families.

Our objectives

AT EU and UK level:

BRILL is working with other groups of UK nationals living in the EU27 and the 3Million group of EU27 nationals living in the UK to preserve the existing bundle of rights that we currently enjoy as UK and EU citizens living and/or working in Luxembourg. In the words of Michel Barnier, the Commission lead negotiator on Brexit, we want our lives to continue, “as if Brexit had never happened.”

In Luxembourg:

For all British citizens living in Luxembourg who want to continue living, studying and working here, we aim to be a resource on how to apply for Luxembourg citizenship, how to register to vote (in Luxembourg and in the UK) and how to continue making Luxembourg our home after Brexit.

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